Friday, May 31, 2013

My Early Days-11

This was a picture on a shopping bag given when you bought a certain brand of hosiery.  I thought it was such a fascinating picture, I painted it for my bathroom.  It is done on a 16x20 canvas sheet and I painted it in 1987.  It was from an artist named Sandro Chia but I never knew the name of the piece.  Here is a sample of his work.

pittore 50x40 cm oil 1978

pittore nello studio 102x76 cm oil 2001

Mother and Son in Blue 106x130 cm oil 1990-91

Speed Boy 204x205 m oil 1981

Tre teste in campana 170x156 cm oil 2001

Yesterday, Sheila and I took a one hour drive to the Oconaluftee River.  The park was fairly well attended for this time of year.  The water was sensational and the park itself, just outside of Cherokee, was beautiful.

  It was a beautiful drive, especially coming home.  Instead of driving on the interstate highway, we drove on the older state highway on the way home.  The scenes were breathtaking.

My, my my!  It is certainly wonderful being in North Carolina for vacation!  It is heaven on earth!  I'm so glad my friend Sheila is here with me.  She has inspired me to get out and about in ways I would not have done without her.  We are having quite a time!

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