Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Divided in Time

Panda Divided
11" by 14" acrylic on Everlast canvas board
May 5, 2013

It's a sad and happy day at Painting With Erin and Annie.  I will not be able to paint regularly for several weeks so won't have daily paintings to post.  What I think I'll do is go ahead and post daily but put up some of the paintings I did in the 1980' when I first began painting.  That will be fun as many of them are so fun and have hung in my home all these years.  They are my old friends!

My sister is getting married and there is so much going on.  I've got two friends that are staying in my home while we go to Waynesville, North Carolina.  My friends will be taking their vacation here while I'm gone and that way they can care for my dogs and plants and all that goes along with taking care of the "home-front".  In turn, I'll be doing the same thing for my sister as she and her new husband go on their honeymoon.

They live in the mountains and it is much cooler there, I can still wear some of my outfits that are too hot for here.  I've been packing already and we don't leave for another couple of days.  I'm so excited, I've never been ready so far ahead.  I have a wonderful new outfit to wear as I stand up with them in their marriage.  What an honor!  I'll write each day about my adventures there.  My friends said they are going to do the same thing here as they aren't from here and the beach is just as alluring to them as the mountains are to me.  Win-win!  We said maybe when it is all over we will combine our experiences and make a journal scrapbook.  I tried scrapbooking, bought all the supplies then never did it again!  So, I'm ready to take on that project when all this house-trading is over.

Now about art.  The painting I'm posting is not up to my standard.  I suspect it will go in the recycle pile meaning I'll paint over the canvas with something a little better - I hope.  Painting is always a gamble, some are better than others.  This one is borderline so I went ahead and posted it but probably shouldn't have.  Oh well, tomorrow I'll try to start posting a little higher quality work.  The rest that I have available are definitely in the "burn pile".  I'll try to explain that another time.

For now, say Good morning Gracie!

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