Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Early Days-2

This is a painting I did in 1985 after Richard Segalman.  I never knew the name of it so I called mine Women on Beach.  Actually, I never officially named it.  I painted it on a 16x20 canvas sheet or board, I no longer remember which.

A friend I worked with and her partner fell in love with it and begged me for it.  That was all it took!  I gave it to them and was always glad that it went where it was supposed to go.

I was pleased to learn Richard Segalman is still painting and I have some of his recent paintings to share.

Aqua Sea - 13x17 - 2007

Dusk - 8½x10½ monotype - 2004

End of Summer - 13x16½ monotype 2007

La Mer - 11¾x15¾ monotype - 2011

Walking Toward Washington I - 2012
I love the soft fluid look to his work.  Looking just at these paintings, you can see how his work has evolved over the years.

The car is packed down to my purse and ice in the cooler.  Last summer when I left my purse at home and didn't know it until I was needing gas.  That worked out OK but was a tense couple of hours until it was resolved - long story.  My practice is to have the car completely packed and just get up, brush my teeth, dress and leave.  This time, I'm being a little more careful to take my purse!  My friends, Jenny and Dave, that are house sitting at my house arrived today and are as excited as I am.  They already took a walk on the beach!

So, we are ready, let the good times begin.

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Zoe James-Williams said...

Beautiful paintings. I just discovered this artist and came across your lovely blog. Thankyou