Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Early Days-10

a floral, water color 2006

a floral, water color 3-24-06

a plum, water color 3-22-06

after Waiting, acrylic on 12x16 canvas sheet 2005
I've done almost no water color in my painting attempts.  This was just such a rich source to practice from.  And practice is the operative word, I wouldn't get these out to show to an army of ants!  Anyway, when I found Colette Copeland, she had dozens of wonderful fairly simple paintings.  I was in heaven!  When I looked her up now, she seems to be doing more crafts than paintings, but still showing the talent she has.  Here is a sample of what I found.

Brooch $20

Ghost Gondolas 28x22 acrylic $450

Heart II 8x6 acrylic $25

i moved forward when there was no path 9.75x7.25 cloth $50

Poppies 9x12 water color $42

Red Beaked Strutter 6x3.5 felt $15.50

Sampler with Red Thread 10x7.5 embroidery $35
Yesterday, Sheila and I went to Herren Bed & Breakfast to have a "Ladies lunch".  It was such a sweet place and we had such a wonderful lunch.  Here are some pictures of us.

Sheila in front of Herren House

Sheila at our table

Me in the outdoor garden

Sheila in the outdoor garden
We had a lovely time and shopped a little in Waynesville, too.  Then we picked up a couple of ingredients at Ingles but then couldn't find the receipt and couldn't make the penna and asparagus dish we intended to make.  But Sheila did make a wonderful taco soup.  We had another wonderful dinner and the best part was it is a low-cal dinner!  Enough good times,  I'll make you crazy if I keep telling all the great food we are having!  Until tomorrow...

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