Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Early Days-8

In 2006, I decided to paint my body.  I bought a large sheet of paper and lay down on it and had Mary Ellen trace my body.  We laughed until we were rolling on the floor - Really!  I then selected my favorite pair of Chico's blue jeans and a really old wool jacket I had from the early 1980's.  I thought the jacket was really wonderful, but Mary Ellen hated it, said it looked like an old Michael Jackson throw-back.  Well, it did, but when I bought it, it was very trendy and very expensive.  I'm sure that is why I thought it was so wonderful!  Once completed, I rolled it up and never looked at it again. So much for a Full-Body project!

In a way, 2006 was a good year for me.  I did what I called "Coloring by TV".  What I did was take mostly oil pastels and in my lap, while watching TV, colored.  Here are some of my 2006 projects.

after Badar, Woman in Yellow Dress 1-20-06 oil pastels
What I did with this one is set my reference image as far away as I could reasonably see it, and paint what I saw.  Then move it closer and fill in again, what I saw.  After completing this, I painted it again - below - with the reference image at hand.

after Badar, Woman in Yellow Dress 1-20-06 oil pastels
 I found an artist named Badar Artist.  His work is magnificant and he couldn't possible have painted something so simple as this.  Maybe?  But when you see his work, you will know what I mean.  For instance, he did a photo retouch of a baby's hand and an elderly woman's hand.  Oh my is all I can say.  Wow!  So, I'm not really sure where I got this reference painting in the first place.  Maybe him, maybe not.

after Eric Fischl, unknown title, 3-18-06 water colors
Eric was born in 1948 and is an American painter, sculptor and print maker.  He lived and worked in New York until recently moving with his wife to Sag Harbor, Long Island.

after Arnold (Aaron) Friedman, Man Rowing (Sculler) 3-11-06 pastels
Arnold was born in 1874 in Corona, a densely populated lower middle class nieghborhood in the New York city borough of Queens.  In 1909 he was introduced to Impressionism and Cubism.  He died in 1946.

after Didier Lourenco, Parada 3-12-06 oil pastels
Didier started working in the studio of his father, where he learned the craft of lithographer.
after Miguel Dominguez, Serene Shore 3-10-06 pastels
Miguel was born in 1941 and lives in the Monterey Peninsula.  He paints from childhood memories as well as from present experiences.

after Erika Oller, Shaken with a Twist 3-13-06 oil pastels
Erika is now firmly established as an artist and creator of witty captions. She is also a successful author and illustrator of children's books. 

after Walasse Ting, Girl's Face 3-14-06 water colors
Walasse Ting was born in 1929 and died in 1910.  He was a Chinese-American visual artist and poet. His colorful paintings have attracted critical admiration and a popular following. Common subjects include nude women and cats, birds and other animals.

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