Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Early Days-4

This is a painting I did in 2005 after Yveline Guil'haumon.  It is done a 16x20 canvas in oil pastels.  That is a medium I have seldom used, but think I should try again just for fun.  I have them so might as well use them again.  Here is a representation of Ms. Guil'haumon's work.

Au balcon

Des fleurs et des fruits

Des fleurs sur le port
Marchande sur le port

Yesterday in Waynesville, Ron and Mary Ellen and I spent a very leisurely day enjoying the cabin and Waynesville.  We started by going to the Farmers Market and their found some goat cheese and breakfast muffins.  Then we went to one of our favorite places, Mast General Store.  Mary Ellen and I both got new summer sandals which we both really needed.

After coming home and waiting out a huge thunder storm, they went to pub to sample local beer.  I painted.  I've completed two butterfly paintings and have several paintings started in various stages.  It feels wonderful to be painting again.  I have taken over the dining area and made myself a really nice studio.  I brought about half my paints which gives me plenty to paint almost anything with.  I also brought about 20 pre-sketched panels to work on.

Today, the house keeper comes and there really isn't that much for her to do.  We have to stay here while she's here because of the dogs.  We have kennels for all but one of them but he is quit large and we can't let someone he doesn't know come in the house.  After she is finished, we are going to take a day trip which I'll tell all about tomorrow.

The friends that are keeping the Florida house tell that they are enjoying themselves just as much as we are here.  They especially like the ocean and sunning and surfing.  They also have taken a day trip to Little Talbot Island.  I asked them if they minded staying so long at my house and they said "Are you Kidding??!!?"  I guess that means they are doing OK there, too!

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