Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Early Days-1

I have always loved this painting.  It is framed and matted and hanging on the stair wall.  The name of it is Femmes avec Fleurs after Nicole Rousseau Grolée.

I visited her website for the first time and was really amazed by her current work.  I didn't see anything like this painting (16x20) which she did in 1979 and I found in 1983 as a tiny photo in an art magazine.  Her current average price is $374.  And it appears she does mostly landscapes rather than people but paints many styles.  Here is a small representation of them.

Corbeille de fleurs 2000
L'accuell de la foret 2011, 41x33 cm
La barque blanche 2000, 29x21 cm
La barque bleue 2008, 81x65 cm
Perle bleue 2006, 14x18 cm
I like it when an artist varies their work.  I can't imagine painting the same thing all the time.  Funny how after awhile, you can almost recognize an artist no matter what the subject, just like hand writing.  Her work may be varied, but her "signature" is loud and clear.  That is how I know my work is about what and where it is going to be.  As I said once before, if I paint a flower or stem a certain way, that is my "signature".  Ah well, maybe I'll never be a good artist, not even going for great here!  But I will enjoy what I'm doing and be proud that I tried!

Thank you Ms. Grolée for a wonderful art show today!

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