Monday, July 25, 2011

Here's a Fun One

Flo's Little Pinky
after Thomas Anfield
acrylic on 6x12 canvas board

When we were children, my sister grew 7 inches in one year. Naturally thin, she appeared to have really long arms. Beverly was the first grandchild and our Grandmother Flo nicknamed her Pinky when she was born after her favorite painting Pinkie, 1794 by Thomas Lawrence. Beverly went by that nickname until she was a teenager at which time our father told her she would regret being called Pinky dressed in a business suit. She says that was some of the best advice she ever got!

Anyway, every summer we would visit the grandparents in Kansas where Flo and our mother would often sew us pretty cloths. After Beverly's growth spurt, Flo was afraid Beverly would become self conscious about her height so when the measurements were made for our new summer frocks, Flo insisted to have her own measurements taken and whispered to our mother "What ever Pinky's arms measure, make mine 2 inches longer!"

It has been a family joke for over 50 years now that when something need to be "reached" for, Beverly can best do the job with her "overly-long" arms!

This was a problem I never shared! Please visit Thomas Anfield to see his wonderful monkeys, dummies, figures and pop art.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last of Cousins .... for now!

Over the Threshold - Kathryn & Mark
acrylic on 8x10 canvas board

Fancy Fish
acrylic on 9x12x.75 The Edge canvas

The first painting was given to my cousin David's daughter Kathryn. She married last November on her father's birthday - nice tribute!

The second painting was given to my cousin Ted.

I hope all the recipients of the 6 paintings liked them. You just never know when you give something - actually true with any gift, not just a painting. The bottom line is a wonderful quote I've lived by for many years: The Gift is For the Giver! Not much else you can do unless someone "asks" - I like that when it happens!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Something for the girls...

Olivia's Baby

acrylic on 6x8 canvas board

acrylic on 8x6 canvas board

Earlier this month my cousin Debbie told me she and her husband and three boys were vacationing with her two brothers and their families and her mother in Garden City, SC and if I got a "wild hair", join them. After a decent three hour delay from the time the offer was extended I called to accept. They were going for a week and as it was a seven hour drive for me, I determined the least amount of time I could go for was two nights and one day. I really did not want to horn in on any more of their time than would take for a really good visit. I learned a long time ago everything to be said would be done in four to six hours but with the long drive, that was not possible. She seemed really delighted that I was coming and so was I.

I had not seen Debbie and her brother Ted since 1986. They both live in South Carolina and I had never met their children the oldest of which just graduated from high school and the youngest was seven! The third cousin David and his wife were coming from the Dallas, Texas area and I had not seen them since 1993. I had not see their mother, Aunt Joyce, since 1995. It was definitely time for a visit.

Recently on Facebook I had seen a painting owned by Mary Ellen Bitner that her cousin had painted. I spoke to Mary Ellen about it and said "I wish my cousins would give me a painting"! Oh, be careful what you say because I immediately realized I was the one that needed to give my cousins a painting!

So, for the next 3 days, I painted 6 canvas'. I choose the largest and most detailed for Debbie, Ted and David. Then I wanted to do something small for the 2 little girls, Annabelle age 10 and Baylee age 7, Ted's children. I did consider painting something for Debbie's three sons, ages seven, fifteen and seventeen, but I did not really have time and honestly do not know anything about the interests of young men.

Finally, David and Sally have 2 grown daughters, Kathryn just got married and Kristina who is my Facebook friend. Again, I just didn't have time so painted a wedding photo of Kathryn and her husband Mark as a type of delayed wedding thought. Sally was so excited and said Kristina would also want a painting of mine. She was joining them at the end of the week but we missed each other. Since Kristina has been my FB friend for a long time now, I kind of know her anyway, and therefore will try to paint her something special.

OK, long story getting longer - but not much. I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed visiting with each of them. I really think we have reinforced our adult selves and they are now in my heart for the rest of my life. My Aunt Joyce is a real character and we had a grand visit. I'm sure she will find a little canvas coming her way, too!

The real surprise was my cousin Ted and his two daughters. I only met Ted as a young child, he is one year older than my daughter. He became a fine man and I completely enjoyed him and his beautiful daughters. The youngest, Baylee, adopted me within minutes - or maybe it was me who adopted her company. We shared a room, stories, cooking and even traded toothpaste so we could know what each others tasted like! I had not chosen which painting was for which girl but tried to paint two of my favorite animals and not make them completely childish. I showed them both to Baylee who was completely interested and when I told her I had a painting of a pig named Olivia she asked for the pig. Absolutely, if someone wants a certain painting of mine, it is already theirs!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Starting again...

May-En Pottsburg
8x10x.75 The Edge canvas

Pitiful? Absolutely! I'm only showing it because it taught me a lot. First and most important, DON"T TRY PORTRAITS WITH ACRYLIC! Maybe with the right lessons or a ton of failed attempts, I could get there. I did like my acrylic of Diane Sawyer and one self-portrait but mostly they have been dismal failures. However, I felt this one had elements of things I've observed in the last months of studying. Another interesting finding was on the first day, I thought I was finished and liked it. I can't remember now what I wanted to re-work but was really reluctant to do it as I was afraid I'd not like what I changed. It was so much better that I had to laugh that I had thought I was done. Goes to show what I read artists saying all the time: how to know when to quit. I guess you could just keep going and going not unlike the energizer bunny. In my case, that would probably have been a good idea, but this is where I finished!

Nigrini Brown
8x10 acrylic on canvas board

I have long admired artist Michèle Nigrini from Rosendal, Free State, South Africa. Her use of color fascinates me. I painted big blotchy splashes of color under my painting and then "tried" to let the color float up through the painting. You can see I didn't come anywhere near the color use that Michèle accomplishes but I did see a looser style for the first time. It was a fun project, I'd like to try it again sometime.

Michèle Nigrini - 2008 Elke Dag Se Berg

Little Metal Mark Butterfly 1 of 2
8x8 acrylic on canvas board
In my normal "tight" style

Little Metal Mark Butterfly 2 of 2
8x8 acrylic on canvas board
Attempting "looser" style

The above 2 painting were done side by side. My goal was to really loosen up. As you can see, I really did not accomplish anything. I did, however, study butterflies and decided to concentrate on Metal Mark's. There are so many species, you have to start somewhere!

Lilina Metal Mark Butterfly
8x8 acrylic on canvas board

This was a beautiful butterfly on a white flower. I liked the way it turned out.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cecil Irving is back!


I have loved this mans work and just over a year ago, he quit blogging or posting on Daily Paint Gallery. But I am so happy he returned. You know how you get attached to your "friends" and I have a terrible time letting anyone go, so I am especially happy Cecil is ... this is difficult to phrase, I don't know what caused him to take a leave, so I don't know what to say ... I'm just happy you are (probably) well and (hopefully) happy and (joyously) painting! I think that covers it!

Please drop by his blog - Cecil Irving - American Aritst - and see his beautiful work.

I have 2 of his paintings, I wish I had a dozen!

5x7 oil - 3-11-09.

5x7 oil - 12-9-08.

Now to get my own house in order...

I'm thinking about it!

Tom Waits - Little Trip to Heaven

I must be the last person to hear this song, but man ... am I in love with it!

It is here for me - I want to listen to this over & over! BTW, GRAPEFRUIT MOON is right up there with it!

I'm dancing, swirling, twirling ...

Life is good...............