Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Early Days-6

This is another one that hangs in my entrance hall and I love it.  My husband Paul and I were visiting a frame shop where I did a lot of business.  I asked the proprietor of the shop if I could take a photo of what turned out to be a small sized limited edition by artist Dan Goad.  He said, don't worry, just borrow that one and bring it back.  Well, I was whipping my acrylics this way and that not realizing it was a fairly expensive piece.  At one point I said to Paul, we should just buy this one, it is only $25.  Well, I missed the zero at the end of the price and when I realized it was really a $250 limited edition I was "borrowing" I was really nervous!  Mine is painted on a 20" by 36" canvas and I painted it in 1990.  That was the year Paul died.  By the way, he didn't want to buy anything.  He wanted mine. I shopped with that store for years trying to pay back the favor he did me by loaning me that print.  Here is a representation of Dan Goad's work:

Egret with Frog

Isle I

Scarlet Ibis 2

White Egret With Fish 1995

Original from Jacksonville FL  12-16-05
On Friday, Mary Ellen and Ron and I went to Sylva to look around.  We found a wonderful little antique store/meuseum.  There we found 3 local men enjoying the day.  I told them I wanted to paint their picture and the man on the far left, apparently the owner of Jones Country Store said, bring it back, I want to see it!
Jones Country Store

County Seat and Court House
We also saw the most beautiful court house.  I had to get out to photograph it.  Ron wanted to go to a specific German pub that made their own beer.    It turned out to be a really cute town that we really enjoyed and the pub was excellent.
Mary Ellen & Ron in the Heinzelmännchen Brewery
The proprietors there were terrific and full of wonderful stories.  We ate at a darling little restaurant called Lulu's took photos as often as I could snap the shutter!

When we returned, we were invited to a neighbors, Frances C.,  for cocktails and snacks.  Her home and view

were wonderful and again, we were regaled with wonderful stories.  We had a wonderful time and were so glad to get to know her a little better.

On Saturday, sadly, Mary Ellen and Ron returned to Jacksonville.  I am on my own for only two days.  My college roommate, Sheila, will be joining me today.  So, my stories can begin again!

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