Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anna Paulowna B&B

Anna Paulowna Patio Café
8" by 10" acrylic on canvas board
April 23, 2013

The name of this place is "Bed and Breakfast De Goudvissenkom" in Noord Holland, the Nederland.  Translated, it means "The Gold Fish Bowl".  The man on the right, in the photo, reminded me of my Father however, not in my painting.  I had hoped he would.

I have so much trouble with some things and faces are so much trouble for me.  I'm considering taking on a project of painting just faces.  I've started collecting some good faces and think I'll try to paint one or two faces a week expecting they will be bad but maybe I can learn something.  I have a book of painting faces.  I guess I know what I must do now!

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