Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Wire Hanger Series

Wedding Dress No.16
14" by 11" acrylic on Pentura canvas panel        
April 8, 2013

Wedding Dress No.18
14" by 11" acrylic on Pentura canvas panel
April 12, 2013

These two are as different as can be.  Click on No.18 to see the detail of the glass beads on the full bodice and cascading down the skirt to the hem.  This is the only one of the dresses I've used glass bead gel on.  I used it most recently on April 5th on Babar Sher Beloved.

No.16 is no less beautiful and deserves to be clicked on as well!  You can tell from this post that I am very happy with my Wire Hanger Series.  The dresses have, for the most part, turned out better than I originally imagined I could do.  Good for me - a small kiss on the cheek!

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