Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kate Shelley Bridge

Kate Shelley Bridge
11" by 14" by ¾" acrylic on Signature canvas board
April 4, 2013

I've been wanting to do a train for a long time.   What I found out was they are hard!  There is so much detail.  And the bridge was another story!  I actually scraped off the paint and started again, something I've done on several other painting since.  You can see remnants but, believe me, this is still better!

The bridge has quite interesting statistics. It is located in the Boone Scenic Valley 3 miles West of Boone, Iowa.  It is America's tallest Double track Bridge.  It is above the Des Moine River and 2, 685 feet long.  It was constructed in 1899-1901 and renamed to its current name in 1912.

No matter what, it is an impressive bridge and I'll bet it is a real beauty to see.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your inspiration for this painting was an image of a Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad train over the Bass Creek bridge. It is mislabeled as being the Kate Shelley bridge, though if you pay attention to the fact that it is not double-tracked, the mistake is plain to see.