Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let the babies play

Panda's Jade & Ming
11" by 14" by ¾" acrylic on cradled canvas
April 26, 2013

One of my very earliest paintings was of a panda.  It is hanging in my entrance hall now.  For some reason, I love to paint them and love to look at them.  Guess I didn't have to mention that, did I?

Tonight was Family Night here on Kings Road.  Mary Ellen and Ron came over and we had taco's then I gave the mandatory "Art Showing".  It had been two weeks since we had been together and I actually had 41 new canvas' to show off.  I was surprised, too!  Well, they found several more to add to their growing collection.  It is nice to have them like them enough to take a few.

I added one to my own collection.  Since February that I've been painting, I've only kept two now.  I think I've painted almost 150 so that is not bad.  I actually did a calculation and it turns out that at this rate I keep 1.3698630% of my work. (Yes, I am OCD & anal retentive - guess I didn't need to tell you that either, did I?)  Of course there are many I like well enough to keep but enough is enough.  I'd rather give them away and know someone is enjoying something I've painted.

You want one?  Ha! Ha!

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