Friday, April 19, 2013

A Better Day

Anna Paulowna Tulip Field
11" by 14" acrylic on Everlast Canvas Panel
April 16, 2013

This is the 1st of maybe three paintings I'd like to do of the Anna Paulowna Tulip Fields.  I want to do at least one more with the color of the fields.  Anna Paulowna is a former municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland.

Even though this one doesn't have the color of the tulips, it does have such grace I couldn't resist it.  Also, it wasn't a knock off in a day.  That is called Wet-on-wet, or alla prima basically meaning you sit down and paint until the painting is completed and is probably more accurately applied to oil painting than acrylic.  However, I frequently paint that way.  Also, after applying a background and letting it dry, the rest of the painting is accomplished in one sitting.  NOT THIS ONE!  It's been on the drafting table for over a week!  Well, partly because I had to think about what to do next and partly because it needed to dry between sessions and partly because I was working on several others that were more fun to paint!  The date on the painting is the date I complete the piece.

I have to take a moment here and mention "my whining".  Two people contacted me about my blog and boy was I surprised.  On the very day I whine, I get some attention.  Maybe I should whine more often!  Ha! Ha!  No, I like to keep my face toward the positive, the future.  I'm reminded of a Biblical reference "Keep a single eye to Jesus", one of my favorite quotes.  OK, it's not exactly a reference about whining, but it is a reference about knowing where you are going.  When I live this way, I don't have time to whine!

Tha-tha-that's it folks!

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