Friday, March 15, 2013

The Good, Bad & Ugly

Just when you think you're doing a good job, you reach dismal failure.  I can't help but wonder if any of the wonderful artists I follow ever have those failures?  I'm sure they did, but they have honed their craft and I suspect their waste can is full of dust now!

I, however, have not come close to honing my craft.  However, I will say of the paintings I painted in 2009 and repeated now, the former were the better projects and my cooking hasn't been all that great lately either.  What's up, is it just a slump or is the best NOT yet to come?

Here is what happened with this painting.

I wanted to paint something for the Virtural Paint Out this month.   The place is Vilnius Lithuania.  I spent about an hour driving around the country and picked out a couple of possibles.  I finally decided upon a trolly which is rather ironic in the first place.  A trolly is a trolly in any country.  But I was really not finding anything else.  Well, when it was completed, I hated it.  I told my daughter Mary Ellen, it was certainly destined for the burn pile.  She happened to drop by after work today and was surprised I felt that way.  I said, look, no one would want this painting to hang anywhere.  I still hated it.

My dilemma was in order to remain true to the map photo and qualify for VPO, I felt I shouldn't make any significant changes.  But since I don't want to post it, I can "fool around" with it all I want now.  OK, I know you're dying to see it so here it is ... but I'm sure you'll hate it, too!

6 Kalvariju gatvė, Vilnius, Lithuania
12" by 16" acrylic on canvas board
March 14, 2013

That is the Good - I'm willing to share my mistakes
That is the Bad - I'm willing to share my mistakes
That is the Ugly - I'm willing to share my mistakes

AND, I will NOT be posting this to the Virtual Paint-Out!

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