Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Difficulty with FACE

Well, I do have a couple I could post, but I'm struggling with a face on a large canvas.  This is a really special, to me, project.  I started it in 2009 when my only nephew graduated from college.  It has been sitting on an easel ever since.

I decided to finish it this week and all went well, really well, until I got to his face.  It is so bad, I have actually wished I knew an artist that could come over and paint in his face for me.

Finally, my wise daughter told me to slow down.  I didn't need to finish it this week, after all, it has been sitting on an easel for 4 years!

I'm going to show you my pitiful attempts at his face and you can see for yourself.


This poor guy looks like he is wearing a Freddie Kruger mask.  His nose has been amputated and his neck is enlarged with a goiter.  Oh dear, what a mess!

So, I got out the paint and tried again.

He is better, but just not something you'd really want hanging on your wall.  You know what I mean?

I wish his face was smaller, but I began the background 4 years ago and cannot rework that now.  Or can I?  Think I'll take a look at that!

This is when Mary Ellen said, slow down, Mom!
Hos did she get so wise?

I am going to continue to work on him.  Who knows, maybe something will work if I keep at it!  And maybe not.  There are no guarantees when it comes to painting and every artist has a barrel full of rejects.

Thanks for looking.

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