Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Bee

Happy Bee Approaches Mariposa Lily
11" by 14" by ¾" acrylic on stretched canvas
Marcy 7, 2013

I'll say one thing, I like doing bee's a whole lot better than I like painting flowers!  Will I ever find my niche?

I've been having wonderful days spent in the studio.  There is so much else to do than just paint.  It is amazing!  However, I have been able to get several paintings done in the last couple of days.

Problem, I left my camera in my daughters car last night.  The family, all 28 in toll, met to send my nephew off for a great adventure.  He is a wonderful young man and has many many people in his corner.  People come from South Florida, North Carolina and Oklahoma just to attend this dinner!  Now that is family love!

Alex leaving for nine months was the reason for me trying to complete his graduation painting.  What I did do was give him Pretty Eyes #3 as a going-away-card.  It has large arms to wrap around him until his return!  Both he and his wife Jenn seemed really pleased with it.

I know I haven't said where Alex is going.  There was some degree of privacy associated with this trip and I'm not sure if it is public knowledge, so, I feel I should say as little as possible about Afghanistan.  Alex is a civil engineer with the Corp of Engineers and with that, is going to north Afghanistan to help rebuild the country.  Boy, are we ever proud of this fellow!  They haven't been discussing it on Facebook but Alex told us that will be how he keeps up with his family and friends while he is gone.  That is why I thought it would be OK to mention it here and now.  He is leaving in two days.

OK, off to pick up my camera and then back to the easel!

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