Friday, March 22, 2013

Dad would have been 91

My Dad was nothing but good to me in my life, but we weren't particularly close.  I could give all kinds of reasons and ideas but that isn't necessary.  He's been gone 27 years, dying at the age of 63, one year younger than I am now!  He was born in 1922 at the age of... !

I'd like to share a few photos of him.

This is Dad in 1944, he was 22 y.o. had a wife and a daughter and was serving in WWII in the Navy.  He used the GI Bill to attend Purdue to become a mechanical engineer, while having another daughter.  After a couple of jobs, the family started out in Louisville in 1954.

 This photo was taken in 1958, still in Louisville.  Their third and last child, Bruce, was born in 1954.  Soon after this they moved first to Decatur, Georgia and then to Jacksonville, Florida.  I call this picture "Happy Together".  Aren't they cute together?  Dad and Mom were 36 when this was taken.

This is moving along now to 1978 in Tucker, Georgia where Dad had a heart attack then retired.  This was taken the year before his heart attack when he was still looking pretty good.  He was 56 when this was taken.

This is how I remember Dad in the last few years.  After they retired, they moved to Gay, Georgia where Dad really enjoyed himself.  When he died, he was serving as Mayor of Gay.  This photo was taken in 1983-84, a few years before he died.  He was about 61 in this photo.

He was a wonderful craftsman and could truly fix almost anything.  Boy, were we ever spoiled.  I can't tell you how many things I've thrown away knowing if Dad were alive, he could fix it.  He was an Eagle Scout and worked as Scoutmaster for many years.  His hobbies, interests and activities are so varied and inclusive, it would be easier to say what he didn't do that what he did!  Just kidding!  I have developed a very thorough time-line of his life on which tells most of the highlights of his life.

It is clear to see which of my parents I looked like.  In fact, I've been known to see him in the mirror upon a really quick glance!  I miss this guy, especially today!  Don't know why this is a significant year, but it for me, it is.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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