Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Memory of My Brother

Portrait of Bruce Raymond Saar
pastel on 6.25" by 9.5" yellow velour
nfs, in Private Collection

My younger brother Bruce passed away five years ago today. He was three weeks shy of his 50th birthday. He married only once, to Barbara, once our sister-in-law, now our sister. They had one son, Alex, who is 22 and is entering his 5th year in an Engineering degree.

Bruce was one of the hardest workers I've known. He owned his own lawn and landscape company. He was an Eagle Scout. He had a passion for boating, skiing, fishing and diving. He had many friends and was very social. He called his sisters and Mother occasionally and NEVER failed to say "I Love You". He was a dog owner, having many Viszla's over his lifetime. That may not seem like an accomplishment, but to me, someone that keeps an animal to the end, and then does it again and again, shows compassion and respect for life that is commendable. But best of all, was the love and genuine interest he took in his son Alex. Bruce was a dedicated father that participated in son's life, guiding and teaching and mentoring Alex into the fine man that he is today. There is no higher legacy.

It's easy to tell all the good about someone after they are gone, the pedestal grows taller and higher. For all his good, his faults were many. He lived fast and hard. Our family never thought he would live through his early years but he was stronger than we gave him credit for and even though he didn't live into old age, he lived and experienced a full life. It is my belief, that when someone dies, it is because they have accomplished what their time on earth was about. I believe Bruce is onto the next lesson his soul requires. I believe Bruce is in the hands of Our Father and he is the lucky one for that. I will always miss his presence and wonder what could have been, but I do not wish him back, I know he is on golden streets and in a better place.

I consider this drawing of Bruce to be one of my finest pieces.

To a day of celebrating Bruce with joy and love,

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