Thursday, May 21, 2009

iCoyote - a Utah Photographer

Claret cup cactus growing on the side of a rock overlooking Kane Creek near Hatch Wash. This was published yesterday in a photo of the week contest in San Juan Record, Hometown Newspaper for San Juan County, Utah.

I've know iCoyote, geez, it seems like most of my life. He is a self described hermit and I have to agree, he is one person that knows who he is and lives what he knows. I am the privileged one that gets to call him my friend because he is somewhat of a recluse. I believe he will be the kind of man that disappears into the dessert when his time comes. You hear me i? I believe in you!

Talent? Yes, and then some. His photo's are amazing. He has allowed me to add his website to my "If I only had a friend" list. Go see for yourself and then come back here to tell me you saw it too! My favorite is WYSIWYG (or not)? Choose "leftover cheese", then click on that image. It's like a puzzle and always a surprise on the other size.

I asked him how he would describe his photography and honestly, did not understand it all, so I'm going to use his own words:

As to being a photographer & whatever else I do- What that is, is nature photography, including landscape, macro, wildlife, and humor/anthropomorphic such as rock smilies or drama queen trees. I use the computer in several ways: to give an image the look that I saw when I took the shot; to create humor, such as enlarging a prairie dog image to human size; or to generate a photo realistic landscape from scratch.

Did I forget to mention he's pretty smart? Seriously, check him out, he's got talent.

Goodnight Duncan, thank you for sharing this with me.

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