Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not a Cast Iron Doorstop

Mommy Flo's Back Door
acrylic on 12" by 12" canvas board
nfs, Private Collection

I used a palette knife on the door. This was the first time I had use the palette knife and I loved it. The picture came from an old calendar photo. I loved the photo and it has been hanging in my dog kennel, a small utility type room that has a large kitchen sink for dog baths and inside/outside door for the dogs. I like to put doggie cards and junky pictures in there where I would not use them elsewhere.

When my Mother was a child, she had a black Scottie named Lassie. The door immediately reminded me of my Grandmother's back door in the home they lived in, in Cherokee, Kansas, for over 50 years. I never fail to think of my Mother as a child and my Grandmother's home when I see this picture! I wrote about Flo before Mother's Day, she was so special to me.

I gave this painting to my dear friend Pam. She had lived with me for about one year, and there are all kinds of things here that remind me of her. It has always been my theory, that the longer you are friends with someone, the more you should see yourself in their homes. In fact, I learned that from Mommy Flo. She had so many pieces of furniture or nick-knacks from so many friends and relatives. I as her how she came about these items and she said it was because she either helped them move or because they came from family.

I wanted Pam to have something special and of value of mine to have in her home. I told her that she was to walk around and if she saw anything she liked, she should let me know. How else would I possibly know she admired something. Thinking she would select something from one of my collections, I was so surprised when she asked for this picture. Couldn't have gone to a more homey family home than hers.

If you have an image in mind that you think of remembering your family or your pets, be sure to paint it, or write about it or find something that looks like your image and buy it. When you get right down to it, what is better than your memories? And maybe it would be a good idea for you to think about what you would like your friends to have when you are gone. You never know what's goina' happen and you would want your friends to see you in their homes too!

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