Monday, May 4, 2009

Art Challenge #6: The Fool

Joining My First Challenge
I was so scared. I had never entered anything I'd painted in anything! But I knew, if I'm going to do this, I have to start somewhere.
I think I may have selected a very difficult place to start. This challenge wasn't a thing I could turn around in my hand & look at, it was a concept. Whoa, a concept.
When I first tried to think what a fool would be, the usual ideas come to mind, Harlequin, clown, dunce, found naked in public by accident, even falling down.
I practiced drawing in a sketch book & finally tossed that aside. Little by little, the plan developed. First I started with what I thought was a pretty background, shinny gold with rose and green. I knew I wanted vegetation, so the hedge developed. The curb at the bottom of the hedge lead to the sandy beach, gray with glass bead gel to represent sand. Then there was the girl! I knew she had to look foolish and embarrassed. That's it!
By this time, I had become 'friends' on Facebook with one of the site's administrators, Vikki North. I sent her a message "Oh Vikki, I got that lump-in-my-throat kinda' feelin'! Just posted my 1st ever challenge for the Fool - not sure if it is me or the painting .... that is the fool! Hold my hand, this is a really Big step for me!
Pit-y-ful, just can't seem to do anything by myself! And yet ... I'm a loner and get plenty done!
In the end:
Been There, Haven't You
8" by 10" acrylic on canvas board

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