Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nor'easter Upon Us

Oh, the joy of being dirty - or - a day in the yard. Either way, there is such satisfaction when you've spent a day working hard and getting that sign taken off the road

"Worst Yard in the Neighborhood"

Well, I didn't have the sign, but I'm sure I could have qualified for it had there been one!

Mary Ellen and Ron are so wonderful about helping me do my bi-annual yard work. Here, the leaves fall from September to April. I think, why bother until they are all down? That makes sense doesn't it?

But I wasn't sure you could really see how dirty I was, so I got Mary Ellen to take another picture showing my arms. At least my hands were clean. I took the job of blowing the leaves. Must of blown for 3 hours and we only did the front yard. Next time, I should wear a mask, just think how much dirt I breathed into my pretty pink lungs!

While I blew, Ron chain-sawed large limbs, weed eater and pack horse to the street.

Mary Ellen did the most amazing thing, she cleaned my garage and I was actually able to put a car in it for the first time in about 5 years. And she said, "I'm not working as hard as you guys are, I hope you don't mind"! I told her, ME, in a few days or weeks, you won't be able to tell we even worked in the yard, but the garage will still be done. What a gift! But wait, as if that wasn't enough, she washed my car, too!

A couple of days later, a man came by & offered to clean the roof (very steep) and pressure wash the pergola and sidewalk. Yesssssss!

Now, the sad picture of me. The debris after this storm will be massive. There is nothing I love more than for it to rain - really, it is the regeneration of all life, so I'm not ReallY complaining, but, now .... we get to do it all over again.

At least there is still dirt!

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