Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Challenges

Am I alone, or do ya’ll love the idea of the art challenges as much I do? I’m only beginning to find a few and want anyone knowing of challenges I don’t have listed on my sidebar to please leave a comment with information. I don’t care if it is open to the public or not. The way I figure it, I can at least challenge myself and that is, after all, what a challenge is all about.

I haven’t joined them all, far from it, but the challenge still intrigues me. I have just located two more new to me.

The first challenge I found is sponsored by James Parker. I love this one. It is a combination of photography, painting and essays. Here’s how it works:

On the First of each month I will post ONE (1) subject (children, cats, dogs, etc). Take a great photo of that subject and submit it. I'll post those photos on Windows to the Words PHOTO. From those photos, I will select 3 for the following month's subject for ARTWORK and WRITING.

On the First of each month I will post THREE (3) photos of the subject matter for the month (children, dogs, cats, fish, buildings, etc.) Choose a photo and do a painting, drawing, or other artwork from it. Submit it and I'll post it. Your artwork will be posted on Windows to the Words ART.

The subject of the Writing category is the same as the Artwork subject of the month. If you have a little poem, or anecdote, or reflection on the subject you want to share....submit it. Only, please keep it short and, hopefully, meaningful. I retain the prerogative to delete or incur wrath, but I won't rewrite anything.Submissions will be posted on Windows to the Words Writing.

The second challenge I found is sponsored by David Lobenberg and Milind Mulick. Here are the details.

Brilliant artist Milind Mulick in far off India and I in the golden state of California are proposing a self portrait paint-off. "Paint-off" is somewhat of a challenging and intimidating word. Lets call it a Global self portrait love-in. No matter what your level of artistic ability or what medium you enjoy working in, this is an invitation to do a self portrait to be sent to my blog by the end of June at which time we can show off our efforts.'s going to be rollicking good fun!...and...what better way to discover yourself visually than doing a self portrait.You are invited!


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