Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art Challenge #7: Sun Art


I am the sun for you alone
pastel on 6" by 9" black Strathmore Artgain
CBS Sunday Morning television show is a staple of society and loved by millions. It is an intellectual ‘slice of Americana’ encapsulating current events, art, travel, politics, nature, and everyday people. The paintings in this gallery are created by the members of The Artist Challenge and now part of the CBS Sunday Morning Art Library for use with the show’s segments.
This was another difficult challenge for me. I had never drawn a sun before, so thought I'd Google sun art. Well, it seems everyone ELSE HAS drawn a sun. There was no way I could look at that art and come up with something original. I had to close the book and start drawing!

At first, I took 3 sheet canvas' and divided them into 4 quadrants. Then I attempted to vary color and design to see if something would 'click'. It didn't! Terrible! Deep six'd!

Then I painted the following two. I really liked them both, especially the silver one. But, they just didn't have 'it'! So, I switched from acrylic to soft pastel and that did the trick.

Chasing Away the Night
acrylic on 5" by 7" canvas board

Available $15.00
includes shipping

This is actually a beautiful dark blue, the varnish caused glare when scanning.

acrylic on 4" by 4" canvas board


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Rosy said...

Enjoy your blog and have found it to be interesting. I also like your Chasing away the night painting too.

This is my first visit to your blog and I do plan on coming back to see more of your stuff.

Have a happy weekend!