Friday, May 8, 2009

Paint Beckie in the Shower!

This may be the craziest thing I ever do, but I wanted to have a nude painting of me! The story of how it came about is probably the best part of the story.

This is Self Portrait #7

acrylic on 6" by 8" canvas board
This one I painted.

I used layers of wash in light blue permanent, medium magenta, and raw umber. I then put 2 thin coats of iridescent gel, 1 coat of blue interference and finally coated it with a coat of glass bead gel, wiped it off ? and then put it back on!

The next painting is by my artist friend Dan Lacey. It is oil on 8" by 10" canvas sheet. I didn't think I could paint water and he does know more about painting water than I do!

The last picture is the reference photo I took myself!

I posted a note on Facebook regarding nudity. The upshot of the replys was "I don't understand what your problem is, Beckie, nudity is part of the body. Would you hesitate to paint an elbow? a belly button? a nose? Why then would you have a problem with nudity?"

I thought about this and realized that limiting paintings to "dressed-only" was denying one's self to a limited view and "all that God intended".

That, however, was not the intent of my note. I wanted to have a nude painting of myself done. I was just concerned about sending a nude photograph through email - AND - how far could you trust the artist you were sending it too?

I set up my tripod, ripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower! It is not easy taking "timed-release" photos of yourself in the first place, try doing it - multiple times - dripping wet - in & out - in & out - of the shower. My bathroom was a sopping mess!

So my challenge to any artist reading this, send me your rendition of Beckie in the shower. I promise I will post anything (I think) that you send. Let's see how long we can keep me wet!



redchair said...

Hi Beckie,
This is a great idea and I love all the pictures! I think I may just take you up your challenge and do a rendition of your shower pix.

(You know, in most ‘life drawing’ college classes the students are required to do a nude portrait of themselves at one time or another.)

BTW, I have to tell you miss Nudie Trudie, this is a pretty ‘modest nude’. Your going to have to get a lot more daring if you plan to get into the artist’s nude world.

otin said...

HAHA! The last thing in the world that I would want is to paint a nude picture of myself!

Rosy said...

I never heard of glass bead gel before...this is great, the first painting looked a bit hard to do, I also like the second painting your friend did in watercolor.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you were able to get all of that water mopped up. Wow what a way to wash down the walls. lol

At least I am glad I am not the only one on earth who honestly believe that nude is art no matter what form providing it is tastefully done.

beckielboo said...

Rosy, I was looking at gel medium in the Golden brand and happened upon the "glass bead gel".

I love to try new things so ordered it. It truly is what it says and leaves a very distinctive bead all over the area you use it.

I really like it and use it much more often than I would have thought when I bought it, but it is a gimmick, so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it before.

One thing I can tell you for sure, is NEVER coat it with another gel or varnish, that clouds it up making an awful mess!

Thanks for reading, I'll look forward to seeing you again!

beckielboo said...

Vikki, I can't wait to see what you will do with me in the shower! LOL ROTF

OK, now that I've had a little "play on words" so to speak, I would LOVE to see your painting of "girl in shower"! I hope you do take me up on the challenge!