Monday, May 25, 2009

No drainage or aeration required

Hanging Orchid
3" by 6" acrylic on canvas board
nfs, Private Collection

I found the basis for the flower in the book Creative Watercolor Workshop by Mark E. Mehaffey. Of course, it was being discussed as a watercolor, but I used the painting as the basis for my acrylic.

The background in this painting is what I love. Being the cheap-scape I am, I can not stand to waste the paint on my palette. When the painting I am working on is finished, I take a gesso'd canvas and use the rest of the palette to set up a background for another painting. I have done this many time and am always amazed when I can find just the right use for it.

My daughter, Mary Ellen, doesn't ask for much, but she asked me for this one. It was my delight to give it to her. I only hope she wants another one!

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