Thursday, May 7, 2009

President Barack Obama

I love the presidential art that is so prolific now. I started buying it right at the inauguration. I believe the inaugural ball was what captured my attention. Once caught (my attention) I couldn't get enough. I love the portraits of Obama and Michelle and the family. I love the scene's which show formal and informal situations.

So, of course, I had to paint one of my own. It is a pastel done very early in my experience of daily painting on February 16th. It is on a scrap of pastel paper, 8" by 8.9". I sent it to an artist acquaintance who gave me tips about painting black hair. Apparently, it is not black at all! I need to do another using the colors she suggested.

I have a whole wall dedicated to my Obama art collection. It is not something everyone would want or even be interested in, but it gives me pleasure and I enjoy the installation.

Artists included in the "Obama wall" are Gretchen Kelly, Kim Roberti, Candy Barr, Joshua Budick, Austin Maloney, Dan Lacey, Dean Haven, Peter Fowler and Walter L. Hardy. I also have paintings from JoAnn Gerard and Joyce Kenny but they are not yet displayed on 'THE WALL'. Each of these paintings can be seen in detail by going to an artists blog or website, or they are all displayed in an album on my Facebook called "Barack and Michelle Obama".


I'm including this photo because it is most interesting.

The shadows in the background tell a whole story, don't they?


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redchair said...

What a great idea. The whole Obama inaguration was such a moving experience. The collection is wonderful.