Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Grammam

Noma Hattie Clark Saar - my Fathers' Mother.
Born August 20, 1894
Died October 14, 1987

She was such a dear friend, we had so much fun together. After high school, I lived with her for short periods from time-to-time. I would wash and color her hair, trim her nails.

She became a widow in 1957, but never changed her routine. During the day, she did light cleaning, watched the soaps and whatever else struck her fancy! At four o'clock, she took her bath, powdered (oh she smelled so good!) and prepared the evening meal. This was what she had always done, when she was married, she was always ready for her man!

She had a candy jar on the coffee table, which was never empty.
She had every flavor of soda on the basement stairs.
She had homemade cookies & cake on the server in the kitchen.
And cook - how we loved to eat at Grammam's. When it was just me and her, our favorite meal was chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and lima beans. And her chicken 'n dumplings were wonderful. She made her cobbler with a cake topping (my other Grandmother Flo made hers with pie crust).

But oh god, her driving was the pits. She would roll down the window, set her elbow on the ledge and never take it off. I used to try to turn corners that way just to see if I could do it. It wasn't easy.

She was a wonderful knitter. At one time she co-owned a shop with her daughter-in-law Gay. I had her make me lots of baby sets before I was married just in case she was no longer knitting when I did have a baby. She made us all matching Christmas stockings.

She spent her later years in a nursing home due to a series of life threatening infections. During those years she had numerous catastrophic events but always rallied back. She maintained her mental health until the end.

She never smoked or drank. She enjoyed a dirty story and a good movie. She made the tightest bed I ever slept in. She was a great sport, friend and Grandmother.
Until I see you again,

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redchair said...

I love this post! How precious is she and what a treasure for you to have as your Grammam. Wonderful memory and just one of the people who made you a warm and loving person that you are, Beckie.

BTW- this photo would be a great basis for a portrait of her. The shadow and light are perfect.