Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost in CyberSpace

I've spent - it seems like - a thousand hours looking at this and that, all in the name of "learning"! I don't know for sure what it is that I THINK I'm learning, but I keep at it. Just last night, I went through these - unrelated - topics.

Everything I link is GOOD - I've joined them & intend to keep up with them. Try them too!

Pastels - brands and supports, and lot's of other stuff about them starting at WetCanvas > Explore Media > Pastels, view thread: Sticky: How to Get Started in Soft Pastels" for our newbies.

Then on to : and that also included packaging Pastels.

Another site for packaging pastels is It looks like a really informative site with the following introduction: This topic will be broken (no pun intended) into two blogs: the first One will concern boxing a painting for shipment; the second will cover record-keeping and other considerations when a painting leaves your hands.

Packaging materials, bags, boxes, tapes, corners at

And before I leave Pastels, a must read for framing pastels is at, Framing Pastelbord by Michelle Weise.

Blogging etiquette

A blog by a female physician that posts about food rather than offend the medical community.

A blog by a Radiologist who thinks of himself as a Samouri physician.

A site Radiology site with the fabulous name Yottalook - a medical directory complete with images.

OK, you caught me - my 35 year medical career was in Radiology. Don't tell anyone!

Of course I dropped by and just to see what was going on! Actually spent quite a bit of time in the We're Related section of Facebook. Only have 5 relatives there, but you never know!

Oh this is a good one. In the Google box, you can ask specific questions without needing to open another site. Like this:

2100 PDT in EST - That will give you the Eastern Standard time at 9pm Pacific time!

45pounds in dollars - That gives you the exchange right there!

45cm in inches - OK, you're getting it! Converts one measurement into whatever you want!

Katherine Tyrrell from recommended the Phillips Folding Chair useful in the field when painting at Katherine highly recommended the chair but did say it was very difficult to find - and it was not available - but if it ever is, I will know what size might best fit my hiney!

Oh Lord, I could go on & on - and will - next time.


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