Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Windows To The Words - June Challenge

Old Willie in Dreds
acrylic on 5" by 7" canvas board
available $35 including shipping
email me for PayPal invoice

This is my entry to James Parker's challenge Windows To The Words for June, "Old folks...Love Them Wrinkles". I wrote about Mr. Parker and this challenge on May 22, Art Challenges.

I still think his concept is the most original challenge I've found because it encompasses a combination of writing, photography and art. In his post today, he says:

"I have started Windows to the Words, and after 4 months, the challenge has had moderate success. I'll keep it up, because it is a good thing. The artwork I have received has been marvelous...and if I get just one person who contributes and enjoys doing...then that's fine."

I can only hope he develops a following and soon. Mr. Parker is a gifted artist, educator, challenge host and unique personality. I think he deserves recognition for caring about and interacting with other artists. It takes a big man to open himself to others while, at the same time, running his own business.

So now Mr. Parker, I only have a 3 things to say about my submission:
1. My name is Beckie Saar Leone
2. the URL you associated with my name goes to "Not Found, Error 404"
3. the name of my painting is "Old Willie in Dreds" not "The Second Verse of My Song"

Well now, I feel better already!
Goodnight Mr. Parker
UPDATE: Thank you Mr. Parker, for making the corrections to my entry as soon as I notified you there were errors. I know it wasn't important to anyone but me, but I do appreciate it!


James Parker said...

Uh Oh, Beckie...I need to be flogged with one of Ole Willie's dreds. I think I have those things corrected..check it out and let me know. P.S. Do you have a follower button, or did I just miss it?

DEB said...

Nice job on Ole Willie!