Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When the old woman died, there was no one left to care

Alderson Magee, 1973
China Board Drawing

Four years before Susie was born, four years before the old woman knew the love of her life, nine years before Alderson Magee would draw this picture, I joined Horizon Club, Camp Fire Girls for Senior High School. That was in 1964. The adult leader of our club gave me this picture 44 years later.

Briefly, I met Pam, the daughter of our leader (Mrs. Pat Boney), a tall, shy, classic beauty. We slowly became fast friends and as the next 45 years rolled by, we became like sisters. It is because of my precious Annie (part of the name of my Blog), that Mrs. Boney, a licensed Estate Appraiser, gave me this picture.

The dogs name was Susie. On the back of the drawing, the old woman loving wrote:

"Susie, born November 5, 1968 - died July 20, 1981, 10pm"

If the fact TOW (the old woman - [I wish I knew her name, but I don't!]) commissioned this beautiful drawing wasn't enough to tell of her love of Susie, that one line of handwritten information tells volumes. I'm sure TOW thought Susie would be remembered forever, but that was not the way it was to be. When TOW passed away, perhaps there was family left, perhaps not. In any event, this drawing was discarded into an Estate Sale. Even worse, no one bought it.

Mrs. Boney realized it was very similar to my Annie and generously gave it to me. I have to admit, I didn't think that much about it until I myself became so interested and involved in art. I took another look at the drawing and realized its significance.

First, it is a magnificent piece of artwork. Alderson Magee, Sandy to his friends and family, began doing China Board Art in 1970. He is still living, born in 1929, but I don't know if he is still drawing or not. Perhaps he is best known for his 1976 -- Canada Geese -- Federal Duck Stamp.

But what tugs at my heart, what makes me cry is knowing that Susie again has someone to love her and carry into the future the love TOW felt for her.

Yes, they are gone. but through ART, caring and loving becomes immortal. I think it is a good idea to have a painting done of your beloved pet but remember to finish the story by writing on the back. Someone in the future will find the painting and remember there once was ... and now there is again!

Goodnight TOW, Goodnight Susie

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