Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art Challenge #11: The Giving Tree

In Kinder Times
acrylic on 12" by 16" canvas board
available $75 + $8 shipping
email me for PayPal invoice

What a fun Challenge! The artist's at The Artist's Challenge - A Private Art Club get to help in suggesting and choosing the theme's of the Challenge. It is so much fun to listen to the ideas and then see them come into fruition. The contributor Artists are all so talented, and there is nobody nicer that the site administrator, Vikki North, she always has a kind word and is an incredible artist! If you enjoy art challenges and haven't joined this one ... yet, what are you waiting for?

Oh yes, about the topic of this challenge. Shel Silverstein wrote The Giving Tree among other titles. It is a moralistic story about the love a tree has for a little boy. I actually bought the book just to get the idea of what it was all about. It is a beautiful story, but what I couldn't understand was The Tree was like a parent with unconditional love that ended giving everything - I mean everything - to a little boy, now grown into a man, that was incredibly selfish, taking everything without realizing what the impact to the tree was. I'm sure that is an analogy to parents and children. As I researched a link to the book, I found Wikipedia discusses the controversy about the meaning. How about that!

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James Parker said...

Howdy, Beckie. Very nice. I am proud to be your second follower, but I hope you move your follower gadget up to the top, so more folks can see to follow your delightful work.

redchair said...

I do love you and your work. Thank you for the mention Beckie.

Your painting was gorgeous;i.e. I had to put it up towards the top of the gallery because the colors just poped so beautifully.

The themes are fun, huh? They keep us working and thinking which is the best thing we can do for ourselves as artist.

I hope you have a "June Bug" for me. I wrote some ideas for in the Pub.
Big hugs,