Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She takes 21 words to describe

acrylic on 6" by 8" canvas board
available $35 includes shipping
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When I look at this painting, here is what I think:

Air of mystery Allure Amusement Aura Beauty
Charisma Contentment Dignity Fascination
Glamour Harmony Loveliness Magic
Mystique Personality Poise Pride Radiance
Self-assurance Shine Stateliness Wonder

OK, I like this person! I have never met her, but consider her a real friend. When I started this painting, I was going to paint it in bright colors making an abstract-type image. But I liked it this way so much, I changed direction. Another time, I'll paint her in another style.

Amina is a pastel artist who lives in Tunisia. She speaks 4 languages and is very talented. She will be having a one-person show in October.

I hope you like it, too.
Have a nice afternoon.


Amina said...

Don't know what to say Beckie, but Thank you again and again. Love you.

beckielboo said...

You are so welcome, my friend. And I meant every - err - word!