Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making sense of things

acrylic on 6" by 6" canvas board
available $35 including shipping
email me for PayPal invoice

I've been trying to be consistent in posting.  Actually, consistent in all aspects of painting, studying, blogging and networking.  Recently, failing badly!

What is it that happens to you that all of a sudden, nothing is running smoothly?  Maybe I've got to many straws in the wind right now!  That reminds me of what my Psychiatrist said to me once, "OK, you don't have a few straws in the wind, you have a few bales of hay"!  I loved that.  There are some things that just make the whole world make sense, to me, that is one of them.

The painting is small, bright and peppy.  It is another example of using my left over palette from one painting to make a background for a future painting.  If you search my blog for "palette-frwd-bkg" you will see many examples of these.

Well, it is lightening like crazy right now.  Crazy weather!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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