Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Dog Day - Meeting Stella

Stella arrived in rescue with her four brothers. They are only about one and a half years old. They appear to be Chihuahua / Dachshund mixes. They are all as sweet as can be but appear to have grown up with very little human contact. They were very dependent on each other but since arriving at our rescue they are learning that human love and attention can be a really good thing. They have also learned that humans can open treat bags and the refrigerator where the REALLY GOOD treats are housed.

Tomorrow, I am driving 3 hours to Inverness, Florida to meet Stella. I have been wanting to adopt a special needs dog from a puppy mill or an abandoned dog. Everyone knows that Erin and Annie are my BEST BEST FRIENDS, but I know we have room for a special girl that has never know love or had a home.

Wish us luck for the trip and that I pick the right dog that needs a home. I'll be leaving home at 8am to arrive at the shelter around 11am, so be thinking of us during those times!

I'm really excited, but am determined not to come home with a dog just because. She must be in need of a home that otherwise would be hard to find. I ask you? Were are the 3 legged dogs? Or the boney, hungry dogs? Stella does look a little too good to be true doesn't she? But we shall see!

You'll get an update as soon as I get home!
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