Monday, August 24, 2009

Chickened Out!

Wings - Belted Kingfisher
acrylic on 5" by 7" canvas board
SOLD to Sheila $35 including postage

I painted this for the weekly theme "Wings On Things" from the site The Three Muses Challenge. I doubt a plain-old-bird was what they had in mind, but I just couldn't get a thought aout a fairy or angel or even a cow with wings. They suggested we "spread our wings and fly" - there I failed miserably! BUT, I did kind of like my birdy and since he does have 2 wings, I am entering him into this challenge. Perhaps if I continue to visit thier blog and participate, I will loosen up and have more "fun"!

A Very Good Morning to YOU!

UPDATE: I went to the site to post my link, but lost my nerve. Everyone's entries that I saw were - well, it's hard to explain. They appear to be collages, often victorian in style, greeting card appearance, very quaint - not a plain-old-bird on a canvas board.

Don't get me wrong:

  • I really like their art, I just think it is a different form than I work in.
  • I am very pleased with my Birdy!


Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey Beckie...The kingfisher is soooo cute! The bricks and the little green leaves are coming out of it is excellent!

Color Pencil Drawing: Warkaris/Varkaris of Pune

Megha Chhatbar said...

Oops! Forgot to say Beautiful Morning to you!

beckielboo said...

Goodmorning Megha, Thank you so much for starting my day with a Beautiful Goodmorning! And the same for you!

It's interesting that you commented on the bricks. That is one of the things I've been complaining about to my daughter & her boyfriend, that I don't know how to paint bricks.

When I showed them the picture, even he mentioned that I was learning to do bricks! So, it is with heartfelt gratitude that you noticed!

I'll be checking with you later today!

AutumnLeaves said...

I think this came out beautifully, Beckie. Please do enter it. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ground those artists with all sorts of imaginations running amok! LOL You have definitely captured what the challenge was about, even if differently than the others did. I love the bricks too, and the background is awesome. I am seeing growth in each piece you do!

KeRobinson said...

Hi Becks! I like the Kingfisher! Since you were so concerned about your bricks, I gotta tell ya the texture & ragged grout lines look pretty realistic but, uh-oh unless this is a mosaic brick wall that bird is what, like 6 bricks tall? I only noticed this since I made this same size comparison on one of my bird paintings...LOL! If this link works notice my GIANT bird on water hyacinths ...the hyacinths r supposed 2 b like 5 in across...that makes my bird, well, HUGE! see here>

Irina said...

Beckie, the painting is eyecatching. I do not know about the threemuseschallenge (though their blog looks a bit posh for me) success in wings drawing. But I am sure your bird is great. The red background is vivid and the black bird is the center. I am not strong in analysing (specially when do it in English :-)), I just know when painting catch me or not. This one has its own strong power, I am sure.

beckielboo said...

Sherry, I left you a message earlier but it must not have gone through? I said you were my biggest supporter! I've been so busy in last couple of days, but I'm off to visit everyone in a few minutes!

beckielboo said...

Karen, every bird on that page is fabulous. I do love your work - as you know! But I'll tell you, all 4 of those birds on that page are just great! I can't remember seeing the the "big bird" before. Where have you been keeping that?

I have to laugh, I would never have noticed the proportion. That must be something the experienced artist can readily see. I went back and looked, but am still having trouble, so I decided, they are very tiny bricks!

Please keep making your observations, I'll learn something!

beckielboo said...

Irina, you are the greatest! I have no concept in what it must be like to speak or write another language. I suspect Russian is very difficult to learn as a second lanuage, so I think you are amazing!

Thank you for your kind words. It was just a 'simple' attempt, but I was pretty happy with it, too!

Sarah said...

Hi Beckie, thank you for visiting me! I have been enjoying your work over at The Artist Challenge and I think your bird here is striking especially against the red background :)