Monday, August 10, 2009

NZ Art Guild Challenge #7 update

When good things come, there is such a relief and such joy that someone takes the time to let you know things are OK. This is a comment I got after yesterdays post where I was doubting myself for participating in this challenge.

Hi, These are fantastic! Great to see an artist from the other side of the world be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone by our challenges. :-) Look forward to seeing more of your artworks int he future. I'm pleased you enjoyed the challenge and learning about one of our kiwi artists.

Kind Regards
Sophia Elise
NZ Art Guild

Thank you for making me feel comfortable in my own skin!


AutumnLeaves said...

Kudos to you Beckie. I must say that I obviously couldn't tell the difference between your work and the original artist! LOL I just thought the lighting was different (and yes, I did read the words that went along with your blog entry -- apparently it just didn't register that the bottom photos were someone else's!) I am so glad you got that recognition and affirmation though! I know it has to help so much. Many hugs to you this a.m. and I hope and pray that those feelings continue for you, darlin'.

Irina said...

Hi Beckie. My plan was to visit your blog, thank you for the kindest comment to my paintings, that's it. By now, already two hours, I am reading your blog, the story of your life, your sidebar, your paintings and I can say I am so very impressed. The blog is so interesting, you are very open and deep person, I wish you all the best on your road. I will go on to follow the blog, check all the blogs' links you mention on pages. Thank you for the pleasure and good luck!