Monday, August 31, 2009

The Inferno Challenge #1 - Myth, Magic & Legend

Myths & Legends
acrylic on 18" by 14" by 3/4" Centurian LX linen
gallery wrapped canvas
painting wrapped onto sides
Sold to Mary Ellen

As a spin-off from The Artist Challenge, The Inferno is a wonderful new Blog that is living up to its name. There is an incredible amount of daily input, both art and literature, often combined. The host, Heather Brown Truman, is a regular contributor to The Artist Challenge, a wonderful artist, Life Coach and now, a Blog host to watch, as The Inferno is sure to shoot to the top of the Blog charts!

Sharing with the responsibility of managing The Inferno is Eric Schweer. Eric is the "Dream Boy" of The Artist Challenge. He is constantly thinking of new ways to offer the public a chance to get to know The Artist Challenge. He is a gifted writer and with the premier of each new challenge, writes either a poem or short story to introduce the challenge. His work is dreamy, hence, the name "Dream Boy"!

Both Heather and Eric are tireless in their efforts to promote art and literature, The Artist Challenge and now The Inferno. I am so proud to be working with these two gifted individuals, the host of The Artist Challenge, Vikki North and all the contributing artists at The Artist Challenge.

It is amazing to me how my art has expanded and grown in the short while I've been affiliated with The Artist Challenge. I'm not going to link my first challenge, as it is not one of my favorites, but you can find it on the side bar and see for yourself. I'm growing!

The painting, Myths and Challenges is from an old master. Mine is significantly altered, no one would mistake one for the other, LOL! I was unable to locate the name or artist, but will include it in an UPDATE if I find out. When I began this painting, I wasn't sure if I could pull out a fairy or not! My sister-in-law, Barbara, saw it and agreed with me that this one might have to hit the scrap pile! Well, when you begin a painting, it is not supposed to look good, its got to start somewhere! Last Friday, we had a family dinner at my sister's and I said, "I want to show ya'al what's on the easel". Barbara was blown away. She said she couldn't believe I'd turned "the blob" into a fairy! Go figure, the life of an evolving artist!

I am, perhaps, the 5th biggest fan of The Artist Challenge. I'd say I'm the biggest fan, but believe me, there are 4 tireless people who work their butt's off making that place the best. The Inferno is no less to be reckoned with. It is a proud and mighty adjunct to The Artist Challenge and we are all as proud of The Inferno as we are TAC!

Please stop both and enjoy. If you asked me, you might be glad ya' did!


AutumnLeaves said...

Beckie, this is so lovely. You are growing as an artist indeed. I would be so pleased with this work, 't'were it my own. Please do keep up this fantastic work you are doing!

beckielboo said...

Hi Sherry, this is the painting I was referring to when I left you a comment the other day. I am really pleased with this girl!

You just never know when you start out what you will end up with!