Saturday, August 8, 2009

NZ Art Guild Challenge #7 - Master Artist

NZ-AG Challenge #7 - after Marilynn Webb
acrylic on 8" by 10" canvas board

NZ-AG Challenge#7 - after Marilynn Webb
acrylic on 8" by 10" canvas board

NZ-AG Challenge #7 - after Marilynn Webb
acrylic on 12" by 16" canvas sheet

The #7 Challenge for The New Zealand Art Guild Challenge is:

RULES: N.B. Artwork must be an original interpretation based on the artistic style or subject, a straight reproduction, or your individual interpretation of the Master Artists' work.

I am so out of my element here. I question why I'm even participating in this challenge. It is open to everyone and they invite artists from all over the world to participate, but it is dedicated to New Zealand artists!

Reminds me of my favorite old joke from THE FAR SIDE. An elephant sits on a stage at a concert piano. He is dressed in a tux and is ready to play. A caption above his head tells what he is thinking: "What am I doing here? I'm a flautist for crying-out-loud!"

However ...

Again, I am forced to try an art I would never have thought of by myself. Additionally, I am introduced to the master artist, Marilynn Webb and her lovely work. Her work and bio can be found at Gallery De Novo and toi o tahuna.

These are Marilynn Webb's paintings that I used as references.  Although similar, there are distinct differences!  Hers are perfect!

Going Through Fiordland Series by Marilynn Webb
Chalk Pastel

Thanks for looking and be sure to check out Ms. Webb's work!

Good night


AutumnLeaves said...

Kudos to you for all you do, Beckie. I've not been hearing from you and have been worried. I see you have been busily working! I like your efforts! They look even more fetching in the light you used in the lower photograph, for some reason. Just fabulous!

beckielboo said...

Thank you for your kind words. I went back and added a note.

The smaller images at the bottom of the post are Marilynn Webb's paintings that I used as references!

Maybe someday...

Sophia Elise said...

Hi, These are fantastic! Great to see an artist from the other side of the world be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone by our challenges. :-) Look forward to seeing more of your artworks int he future. I'm pleased you enjoyed the challenge and learning about one of our kiwi artists.

Kind Regards

Sophia Elise
NZ Art Guild

redchair said...

It sounds like a great exercize..and you did a great job.
But I agree on one thing. They're New Zealanders and different than us. Your better off staying with your own kind at The Artist Challenge, here in the USA. (JUST KIDDING,- of course)

Where's your 'No theme- theme'? One of these might make a good entry.