Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Grand Tour - 2nd in a Series

Moriah, New York Sidewalk
acrylic 11" by 14" by 3/4" wrapped canvas
available $115 including shipping
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Oh, so many memories here! In 2003, my Mother and I bought an RV and toured 10,501 miles in 10 weeks. I called it our Grand Tour or Driving Miss Daisy.

Mother was in poor health, passing away only 7 months after the trip. She used a wheelchair much of the time and was on a morphine pump due to severe back damage. She was on oxygen; that is why we got the RV, we could run the oxygen machine with the generator. And finally, she was in early stages of dementia. As I pushed her wheelchair with her portable oxygen tank attached to the back, all I could think was "Momma, I'm so proud of you" and I told her that all the time!

She was delightful on the trip. It was like she put all her problems aside to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Her joy was childlike and she relished every minute.

We were about the same size so I would dress her in my clothes, usually matching outfits, jewelry and fix her hair - the way I wanted it.
Then off we'd go to sightseeing, trying not to miss a thing!

I have already painted one photo from the trip, but didn't label it as part of the trip. It was They were never alone ... they had each other, dated July 31st of my dogs, Bill and Garth.

This scene was a front yard of the most quaint house, totally in ruin, but beautiful none-the-less, that I've ever seen. I want you to really know the feel of this piece, so I'm including a picture of that house. Click on each image to enlarge it. The wood detail is spectacular!

It is in Moriah, NY which is a lovely little town on the east border of the Adirondack State Park and just miles west of New Hampshire. It was such a lovely town, I could easily see myself living there. Mom and I went to a coffee/diner early for breakfast and just watched the morning unfold. Those are the memories that you can Cherish.

I started this painting last week as my entry to The Artist Challenge, No-Theme Theme, but about 3/4's of the way complete, just "changed my mind"! Now I know why. I needed to do this for The Grand Tour, and had a lot to say, too!

Enough for now, I did sort of leave the subject - the painting, to take a trip down memory lane. But that's not all! I will try to find photo's of the trip that might be interesting each time - I'm lucky enough - to paint another painting from The Grand Tour!


Megha Chhatbar said...

I am so excited to see your tour..RV is of such a use! The Moriah is well painted..good work !

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AutumnLeaves said...

Oh what a gorgeous little painting, Beckie! I love the story of your time with your mom too. She looks lovely. In the one with the two of you, I see that you look much like your beloved mom. You know, that house had to be something masterful in its day. It is so absolutely gorgeous that it truly breaks my heart to see it having fallen in such disrepair. And I found myself wondering if the lace curtains in the window were from a long bygone era...

Aree said...

WOW!!! beautiful photos, sheer!!!

Eric S. said...

Wonderful painting, but even more special was the memory. Thanks for sharing it!