Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DSFDF Challenge #25 - Week 44-45 - Streets of San Francisco

Lombard Street
acrylic on 14" by 18" x .75" Centurion LX Linen Stretched Canvas
Given to a friend

This is my first Different Strokes from Different Folks Challenge. I have been considering entering this challenge for a long time, but for one reason or another, never have. I have watched it closely since January.

The Challenge began September 3, 2008 as a weekly event. After the 11th Challenge, the Challenge Administrator, Karin Jurik, turned it into a biweekly event. It was successful from the first challenge with 55 entries. The premise is "One Photograph Painted by Many". This Challenge, Week 44-45, is the 25th Challenge.

As I prepared to post this, I looked over the earlier challenges. Everyone of them had some really fine paintings with many artists returning again and again. Two really stood out to me. One was week #11 - Pedestrians and Shadows. Although the art wasn't the best challenge, everyone was to paint their entry upside down. I've know about this, but never tried it. I thought that was a really good idea. The other outstanding challenge was week #16-18 Painting Us Different Folks. Every artist traded pictures and painted each other from that photo. They were a trip and what fun that must have been for the artists when the painting were revealed! And of course, most of them had never met!

I am very excited to have finally entered this challenge. As everyone knows, I love the challenges. But my heart belongs to another - and always will. You know who you are! And so would everyone just by taking a glance at my sidebar.

I met another 'kindred' artist, Sherry Massey, from The Virtual Paintout who inspired me to enter this challenge. Sherry, you're a good friend! Thank you! Now I need to get Sherry to take on The Pub!


Mark Bridges said...

Hi Beckie, nice colors for the dsfdf challenge.

beckielboo said...

Thanks Mark!

AutumnLeaves said...

Thank you, Beckie! I shall try to check out your challenge soon! (I'm embedded in some school course work that has me a tad on overload right now.) I was just thinking my challenge days may be soon drawing to an end and I need to just work on the basics of drawing for a bit!

dominique eichi said...

NIce to see you in this challenge too.
Good job

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Good job, Beckie.

Claire said...

Very nice take on the challenge - like that it has a feel of early morning!