Thursday, July 2, 2009

BooHoo - I missed the June Challenge

Via Incontri, Florence, Italia
acrylic on 18" by 18" by 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas
available $75 plus $8 shipping
email me for PayPal invoice

If I had completed this on time, it would have been my entry for The Virtual Paintout June Challenge, Florence. I had selected my image from Google City Streets, selected my canvas, prepped & sanded it, acrylic base coat and sketched. Just didn't get around to adding the paint! Oh well, I still proud of myself for doing it anyway. As I've said previously, it is for the challenge to myself!

This is the largest canvas I've painted on since beginning my daily painting in February. It wasn't difficult at all.

In fact, I've noticed I'm gravitating to 9x12's, 11x14's and 12x16's.

I still like the SFA (small format art) that I started out with. I prefer 6x8, 7x9 & 8x10's when I do smaller pieces and 5x7 & 6x6 are OK. But I do not enjoy 4x6 and smaller.

I used to use mostly 16x20's & 20x30's and the largest piece I did was 30x30. I'll have to get around to posting some more of my older work soon.

This is my first nooner post!
Can't say Goodnight!
UPDATE: I couldn't resist reworking the foreground from the original post. On 7/3 I replaced the first posting with the updated painting. Thank you Karen for you kind comment! I hope you like this one even better!

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KeRobinson said...

Oh, sorry you missed the challenge, but look at the lovely painting you did! I really like it!