Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Early Days-19

Here it is, the last day of my month in North Carolina.  It is with great sadness that it is over.  I always have the feeling I could stay this way forever.  But it will be nice to be home with my own life and my own home.  This last Early Days is very apropos in that the last is the first.  This painting, I've posted in the past, is the first painting I did.  It was the reason I began painting in the first place.

I was in an art therapy group, you can find a Blog dedicated to it in my sidebar.  One of the members was an artist and when I mentioned I found a poster I wanted to buy, he said, paint it yourself.  I said I had no idea how to do that and he said I'll show you.  He took me to the Atlanta Art Supply and I bought a 10/pack tablet of 16x20 canvas sheets, a few brushes, a bottle of gesso and 8 acrylic colors.  $35 and the journey began.  Here is my first, Hearts 1983, along with the reference poster by Jim Dine born in 1935.
mine, 1983
Jime Dine, 1970

 It looks to me like Jim Dine gets hold of an idea and paints or sculpts it over and over in many many different ways, especially tools, hearts, robes and Pinocchio.  It is quite fun to Google him and then look at his Images.  You will quickly see the patterns.  Here are some I liked as I looked at his images.





Jane 8'8"x78" acrylic with objects 1969

Mister Coffee Face 60x48 acrylic mixed 2011

My Angel 58x32 enamel on wood 2006


Rosecrucian Interior Scene, with Lemons 96x96 acrylic mixed 2010
Mostly, the next to the last day was spent doing a few errands and napping.  It was lovely!  My Chihuahua Annie decided to sit in my sister Beverly's lap and it looked like she was working on the Ipad! 
She sat there for quite awhile.  That is the sweetest dog ... and sister, too!  I've had a wonderful time but it is now time to sign out and see you in a couple of days.  Tomorrow, I'll be driving and listening to an audio book.  I am looking forward to that! 


elana said...

I like the self portrait, it's a very interesting style!

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BuLLDoG said...

wonderful pictures

sirnorm1 said...

I like Mister Coffee Face. Rich colors. Thank you

virendra yadav said...

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It's great post...

Sandra Busby said...

What a great story! It's wonderful that someone helped you find your way in to art like that. I can't imagine life without painting now. It's like therapy isn't it? I noticed you started following the joint blog I have with Suzanne, so I thought I'd pop along to say thank you. And you have a lovely blog! :0)

Sandra Busby said...

....P.S. 'Real Artist'?? You are a person who creates Art... You ARE a real Artist!