Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Early Days-16

Wow, I can't believe I'm on Days-16 but the good news is, Beverly and Bob are driving the last couple of hours right now to get home.  That means I'll be going back to Jacksonville in the next few days and my Blog will return to normal.  I hope that is a good thing, but I have enjoyed going over the Early Days and visiting the Artists that made it possible.

Today is no exception.  In fact, it is another special day in that I am focusing on Milton Avery, one of the first artists I got familiar with and has always been a favorite of mine.  I'm going to show both my painting and the his reference painting I used.  Also, I have a great show of his work.  So, first my work.

Water Carrier - I painted this one but don't have a photo of it now, mine was done on a 28x22 canvas board.

mine, unknown title
Avery, unknown title

Avery, Morning Talk 1963
mine, Morning Talk  16x20, 1984

mine, Substantial Woman, 14x18, 1985-2009
Avery, Substantial Woman, 36x46, 1946
I've found his paintings from 1937 to 1960.  I have no idea how many paintings he did in his life time, but it must be in the thousands because every time I've looked up his work, I seldom if ever see the same pieces.  Today, for instance, I've never seen one of these and I've been looking at his work since 1984.  The price for one of his pieces is astronomical IF you can even find one.  He certainly became a super-star!

For a bit of information about Milton Avery, I'll let Mark Rothko say it best:
 According to Mark Rothko, What was Avery's repertoire? His living room, Central park, his wife Sally, his daughter March, the beaches and mountains where they summered; cows, fish heads, the flight of birds; his friends and whatever world strayed through his studio: a domestic, unheroic cast. But from these there have been fashioned great canvases, that far from the casual and transitory implications of the subjects, have always a gripping lyricism, and often achieve the permanence and monumentality of Egypt.

Now for a real treat, a show of Milton Avery.  I love that man!

(Well, for now, I can't get them to load.  I'll keep trying hope for the best.
ADDENDUM: Finally on 6/10/13 I figured out mine were saved as TIFF files and that is why I could not upload them.  I converted them to JPEG files and here they are!)

Bridge to the Sea 1937

Bucolic Landscape 1930

Green Sea 1958

Two Women at Desk 1944
Bicycle Rider by the Loire 1954

Conversation 1956

Female Painter 1945

Figure by Pool 1945

Green Chair 1944

Nude Combing Hair 1954

Robed Nude 1960

Self-Portrait 1947

Sheep 1952

Sketching by the Sea 1944

Two Women 1950

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