Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Early Days-13

Another of my favorites that has hung in my home since 1983.  It is titled Left Ox after Neil Jenney and is painted in acrylics on a 12x24 canvas board.  It is painted nearly as a water color in that the paint was thin and brushed on in nearly single strokes.  Something I've seldom accomplished since!  Here is a sample of Neil Jenney's work.
Bipedal and Unilevar 57.5x57 acrylic, 1969

Here and There 58.5x78.5 arylic, 1969

Lines and Tracks 56x58 acrylic, 1968-69

Man and Challenge 59.5x71.3 acrylic, 1969

Threat and Sanctuary 61x123x3.25 oil, 1969
It's interesting, although all of the samples I found were painted in 1969, that the titles are all two complimentary or opposing ideas.  I wonder if that was a phase or if Mr. Jenney continued with that process throughout his career.  OK, I went to my archives and found many other paintings by Mr. Jenney, most of which continued this theme.

I painted yesterday and spoke to a neighbor friend.  I let the dogs in and out, out and in!  They got their two meals and I forgot to eat one!  I realize my life is much more structured and much less painful when other people are around.  Maybe man wasn't meant to be alone - Ya' Think?  But just where do you go to get the right person to be your family?  Oh well, back to my unstructured life...

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