Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Early Days-12

 This was the first painting I did after Judith Bledsoe.  It has always been a favorite of mine.  The name of it is Conversation Tree.  It is painted on a 20x30 canvas board and has hung in my home since 1983.

 Later, I "tried" another, but in my opinion, it is a dismal failure.  The name of it is Mannequin and is painted on a 20x30 canvas board.  I started it in 2004 and completed it in 2009.  Here is a sample of Judith Bledsoe's work.

Kat Kins - 1991

Birds lithograph
Siesta - Sleeping Lady

Theodore au Chapeau III - 2006

Paysage A L'oiseau

I honestly have to admit, I just plain forgot to blog the last couple of days.  I think after Sheila left, I just shut down and lost time.  Somehow, I awoke today and realized I'd "lost time"!  Ha! Ha!

The last day Sheila was here, Saturday, we took it easy.  In the early morning we went to the Farmers Market where we were each given a beautiful peony that dropped all the petals by the afternoon.  She told us she had not figured out a way to keep them from doing that and that was why she was giving them away.  They were beautiful! 

In the early afternoon, we sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the breeze, the sun, the air, the aroma and the feel of the beautiful day.  All four dogs enjoyed themselves and laid out like they were sunbathing.  I guess they were!

Here are photos of each of them.

Bonnie is my sisters dog.  I am taking care of her while Beverly and Bob are on their honeymoon in Italy.

Annie is my precious Chihuahua.  I don't know why she does this, but in the sun she lies down like a "dead dog"  She is really OK!  Annie is 10 years old.

Stella is my mentally challenged rescue.  She is a great addition to our group, but a little "wonkie".  Stella is 6 years old.

Erin is my 30 pound black dog.  After a DNA test, we still didn't know what she was!  I found her after she was hit by a car in Citronelle, Alabama.  Maybe that explains why we don't know what she is!  Erin is 10 years old.

In the afternoon, we drove on up the mountain to 5000 feet.  We are staying at 3800 feet.  There is a large grassy field that the caretaker invited us to take a walk in a let our dogs run free.  I wish you could have seen how happy they were to roam and run.  It was a wonderful time and a beautiful spot too.

The 5000 foot marker on the mountain.

A view of the grassy field where the dogs ran.

A private pavilion and the view.
It was a lovely day and a wonderful way to end the week Sheila and I shared.  She left on Sunday.  The rest of the week, I will be alone and plan to paint, listen to audio books and possible visit with some of Beverly's friends and neighbors.  Beverly and Bob return the coming Saturday, June 8th, and I plan to return home on Tuesday, June 11th.  It will be interesting to see how my friends did there taking care of my home!

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