Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Early Days-17

 The Unknowns.  These are paintings I've done but do not know the artist that I copied from.  It is with great sadness that I present them and would welcome any one that could identify them so I could give proper credit.

This was called Endangered Panda and if you look at the bottom of the painting you will see it painted on the canvas.  This was painted in 1984 on a 20x24 canvas board.  The boards that I used in 1984 have not held up like I would like them too but the proprietor of the local art store assured me that today they are made with attention to preservation and will hold up better.  This painting is a favorite of mine and has hung in my homes ever since it was painted.

 This is a painting I did from a Tee-shirt I bought in Tampa while attending a convention.  My daughter Mary Ellen came to me and asked me to paint it to hang in her bathroom.  After we moved, it was put in my bathroom where it still hangs today.  I painted it in 1992 on a 20x16 canvas board.  I painted the word Tampa on the painting and Mary Ellen was rather surprised.  I said you know I paint what I see and you didn't tell me otherwise.

Oh to say this is my favorite maybe of all I've done.  It is because the woman in blue turned out to look just like my Fathers Mother, Grammam.  I found the painting in an art magazine and it was from an article discussing shadowing.  Somehow, I lost the article and therefore the name of the artist that gave the demonstration.  This was painted in 1986 on a 20x24 canvas board.

Beverly and Bob are safely home and had a wonderful 18 days in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia.  We watched the raw videos from the trip last night and they were wonderful.  The places they visited were often breathtaking.  Beverly and I started falling asleep and just couldn't stay awake when we got to the last day at the Vatican.  Finally, we cried "Quit" and went to bed at 9:00 p.m.  I'm so glad to have them home.

This photo is the 1st one shared with me.  It is the 1st formal night of their 12 day cruise.  Pretty fancy, huh?

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