Thursday, October 15, 2009

FTM Following the Masters Challenge #7

Self Portrait #7 - in the azalea's
acrylic on 8" by 10" canvas board

This is for Following the Masters Challenge #7 - Self Portrait. It is the first acrylic of myself I've done - oh yes, Paint Beckie in the Shower was acrylic - but certainly not of the portrait genre! I used the new color triad paints for my skin, but ended up completely covering it. I think that will either take a lot of work or probably a lesson or two! Optical illusion: The bill of my cap either looks turned up like a ball cap or turned down like a news-boy cap. It is a news boy cap, the kind I almost always have on! In the photo, taken in March 2008, it is actually a pink suade cap, I took the liberty of changing the color - because I could!

I had a wonderful time with my friend Joy at Epcot. I found out that amusement parks are OK but I really prefer more natural settings! However, I was offered on top of my free birthday pass to upgrade to a 3-day ticket for an additional $52. Since a one day admission is now $79, that seemed too good to pass up, so in the next six months, I will try to go to Adventure Park to see the animals. The food was wonderful! I took over 100 pictures, maybe I can get 2 or 3 turned into paintings - maybe!

The weather is finally starting to cool off here in Northern Florida. Saturday it is supposed to be 72 high and 55 low. I've invited my family over for a night on the patio with the firepit in full blaze! I also have 6 or 7 challenges coming up over the next couple of weeks, just hope I can get to at least 4 of them. Sometimes it seems like challenge painting is all I do but they have taught me so much and lead me to places I would never have gone alone - so - for now, that is the way it is! I'm going to have to work hard next month - Sherry always has her entries in early and mine are always the last minute! The tortoise and the hare!

Hi Dottie!


Megha Chhatbar said...

How sweeet you are Beckie! You have done a great job! :)

AutumnLeaves said...

I like this too, Beckie! The hat color is amazing and truly sets off those big blues of your's! I am so glad to hear you've had such a fun time with Joy at Epcot too. I am always taking photos thinking what a great painting they would make and ultimately do not get around to painting them! Gah!

Rosy said...

This is a very nice self portrait, I like the colors you had chosen which really makes the face stand out.

Sounds like you been having loads of fun.

Thank you for leaving comment at my post and for some good advice too.

beckielboo said...

Hi Megha, Sherry and Rosy - thank you all for your kind comments. I'm really having a fun day! Getting lot's done!

Michelle said...

Wonderful portrait! The blue hat is such a great addition too. Thanks so much for participating!