Monday, October 5, 2009

I can't wait for Christmas TV movies to start!

Santa Claus #1
acrylic on 12" by 12" canvas board
available $104 plus $8 shipping

I saw a documentary on CBS Sunday Morning about a artist that had painted a Santa Claus every year for about 20 or 30 years. He didn't sell them, nor, as far as I know, does he have them on line. My memory of them was they were large and magnificent! Would you happen to know the name of this artist? Or how to find out? I went to CBS Sunday Morning but was unable to trace him.

Since this is the first year I am painting regularly, I want to paint several Santa's. I suspect (or hope) some my family members will want one. So, this is the first of what I hope to be a 2009 Santa Series. Don't forget, if I don't know you like one, I won't think to offer it to you!

I have used several new techniques and products in this painting. Recently, I attended a Liquitex Acrylic Paint demonstration given by Peter Andrew, Education Advisor, sponsored by Crafts and More, a local art and craft store. I used several mediums and agents that make the process of creating more interesting! I am so grateful to both Crafts and More and Liquitex for providing this program. I learned so much - just wish I could remember more! and the samples were great, too!
  • Golden Flow Release - I had recently started using this product. I use it to make a smooth background. I really love the effect and use it often now. Mr. Andrew suggested adding a drop to your water bucket. It helps clean the brush and makes a quick release to thin paint for quick spreading. An unexpected result is my water bucket has never been so clean!
  • Liquitex Pouring Medium - Maybe this isn't what it is intended for, but I used it to thin my soft acrylic especially for Santa's hair.
  • Liquitex Iridescent Medium - I use this in probably every painting I do. I love iridescent and metallic colors and never hesitate to use them.
  • Liquitex Liquithick Thickening Gel - Wow! This is really unique stuff. Mr. Andrew demonstrated it thickening soft acrylic to heavy acrylic. I used it to thicken heavy white to make the texture of the fur on Santa's coat. It immediately became thick and dry-like. I dabbed it on with a stiff brush. I really liked this stuff!
  • Golden Gold Mica Flake (Large) - Loving the metallic effects, when I saw this product, I knew I had to have both it and the (Small) variation. I hadn't used it before, even on a test sheet, but couldn't resist adding it to adorn Santa's fur to add the Holiday look.

With a 40% off coupon for attending the program, I got the book, Putting People in Your Paintings by Laurel Hart. Even though this is a watercolor book, it is packed with useful information and I have read it from cover to cover! On page 62 is a great demonstration about using primary triads. I have ordered all the colors used to make them, but not all of them have arrived.

  • High-Key Triads(Light-Value Triads)
  • Red: Alizarin Crimson
  • Yellow: Yellow Ochre, Gamboge, Raw Sienna or Transparent Oxide Red
  • Blue: Manganese Blue

  • Low-Key Triads (Dark-Value Triads)
  • Red: Transparent Oxide Red or Alizarin Crimson
  • Yellow/Blue: Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre with Manganese Blue
  • Yellow/Blue: Transparent Oxide Red with Ultramarine Blue

  • Light Skin Fleshtone Triads
  • Red: Cadmium Red Medium
  • Yellow: Yellow Ochre, Gambage, Cadmium Orange, Quinacridone Gold
  • Blue: Manganese Blue

  • Dark Skin Fleshtone Triads
  • Red: Cadmium Red Medium
  • Yellow/Blue: Transparent Oxide Red with Manganese Blue
  • Yellow/Blue: Transparent Oxide Red or Raw Sienna with Ultramarine Blue

Only having Ultramarine Blue (so far) I used Cadmium Red Medium and Transparent Oxide Red to make the skin color. It was too red, so I added Yellow Ochre and Quinacridone Gold. I love people of all colors, but this is supposed to be a white Santa. Maybe he is Indian or maybe he is Universal. So don't give me the "Oh, I thought he was black, or brown, or red, or yellow or white"! He is Universal! It will be interesting to see what I learn with the triads as I use them to make more interesting people!

For now, all I want to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


AutumnLeaves said...

Beckie, I love the skin tones you've got on Santa's face. I hope this doesn't sound wrong as it is meant as an attestation to the beauty of this Santa's skin, but I am reminded of the mummified skin I've seen in our Natural History Museum here in Chicago. The color is awesome and I love how you've captured the LIFE of Santa. The background color is awesome as well. Christmas is always such a joyful time for me. No matter how little reaction I get from family members, I've never lost the child-like joy and anticipation for the day.

Irina said...

When I saw the thumbnail of your new post in my blog, I was sure you painted Patandjali, the main Indian yoga huru. Indian Santa Claus from some point of view.. :-))) I like the model, the idea and your energy.

GutsyWriter said...

I used to paint acrylics, but now my writing takes away from painting. Wish I had time for both. One day I shall. Love the blue around Santa's eyes. Are you going to paint several Santa's?

beckielboo said...

Hi Sherry, you are so right, he does have a"cured" look! In fact, the color will make absolutely gorgeous luggage, don't you think?
In the most recent Artist Challenge #18, one artist painted a beautiful old leather suitcase. I admired it, but thought I couldn't do that! Ha Ha - never say never! Thank you for your early morning visit!

beckielboo said...

Hi Irina, although I don't know any of the Indian culture, I thought the same thing, He looks East Indian! My reference photo was just a really old "white" man! Thank you for visiting!

beckielboo said...

Hi Sonya, yes, I do plan to paint at least 4 Santa's. I just Googled "old men" and then some movie & TV stars - black & white! Maybe I'll have a contest to see if anyone can recognize someone!

You're about ready to publish - October if I remember right. I confess, September set me back with all communication. I am long overdue for a good visit to your blog.

I see you joined my followers - I'm so glad I'll be seeing more of you! I remember when I ask you to be Facebook friends I was so apprehensive since I had only visited your Blog once. You just never know where thing will lead!

GutsyWriter said...

Good to hear you're painting. I am off to Belize in 3 days to volunteer with 11 nurses in a Mayan Village in Belize. Shall be there until August 21, in Belize. Look forward to blogging about my experience with these 400 poor kids.